• DMX512 Dimmable LED driver NFC APP setting & LED lights connecting Instruction Sheet

    DMX512 Dimmable LED driver NFC APP setting & LED lights connecting Instruction Sheet

    How to successfully match the mobile phone NFC APP with the DMX512 dimming LED driver NFC module When mobile phone NFC APP matches with DMX512 dimming LED driver, The phone must be put very close to the NFC sensor (distance<1cm) 1.1 APP installation Click the button below to download "DMX512 dimmable led driver NFC APP" After the installation is complete, the user can enter the APP by clicking ...
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  • What does 12VDC mean?

    What does 12VDC mean?

    12V power supply is one of the most common power supplies in use at present. In general, a 12VDC output is obtained from a 100VAC-277VAC input using a combination of transformers,12V power supplies can be of two types: 12V constant power supplies, and 12V unconstant power supplies. 12V constant power supplies come in three styles: Switching constant AC to DC, Linear constant AC to DC, and Switchin...
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  • What is the dimming compatibility of triac power supply?

    What is the dimming compatibility of triac power supply?

    When it comes to the compatibility of triac dimming, one of the common problems is that the maximum and minimum firing angles produced by the phase-cut dimmers are generally inconsistent during dimming, which results in the dimming performance of LED lamps. Differentiation. Different brands and different product models have a very large range of trigger angles. As a result, their on-time and power...
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  • What is a triac dimming power supply?

    What is a triac dimming power supply?

    Triac technology is a technology with more than half a century. After the Triac dimming technology, the lighting industry has adopted 0/1-10V analog dimming, DMX512 and DALI and other PWM digital dimming protocol technologies.   However, Triac dimming technology has its irreplaceable reasons. One is due to historical inheritance, and the other does not require signal lines and does not n...
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  • What is DALI dimming? How does it work?

    What is DALI dimming? How does it work?

    The full name of Dali is the digital receivable standard. Dali dimmable driver provides a simple digital communication method with simple and flexible control. It does not belong to any company, it is jointly proposed by international lighting manufacturers, and it is possible to mix and match the lighting standard equipment of different manufacturers that meets the Dali standard. DALI dimmable is...
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  • Basic knowledge of LED lights

    Basic knowledge of LED lights

    LED lights under the control of dali dimmable led driver are called semiconductor light-emitting diodes, which are made of semiconductor materials. Semiconductors can be divided into P-type semiconductors and N-type semiconductors. N-type semiconductor with extra electrons, P-type half The conductor has additional "holes", electrons can move between the holes, and the flow of electrons will genera...
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  • What is the

    What is the "Type HL" LED driver?

    UL announced the launch of "Type HL" LED driver certification for hazardous locations on July 26, 2013. The hl led driver refers to the relevant requirements of ballasts, and is added to the standard "UL8750 LED devices used in lighting products" as a certification requirement resolution (CRD). The appendix SB of UL8750 lists specific requirements for "Type HL" strip led d...
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  • How do 0 10v dimmers work?

    How do 0 10v dimmers work?

    0-10v dimming is divided into: 0/1-10v, PWM, adjustable resistance dimming. 0/1-10v dimming principle: The power supply is designed with a control chip. When a 0 10 volt dimmers or 1-10V dimmer is connected, the output current of the power supply can be changed by changing the voltage of 0/1 -10V. When the 0/1 10v dimmer switch is adjusted to a maximum of 10V, the lamp will output at full brightne...
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  • What's a triac dimmer?

    What's a triac dimmer?

    The dimmer has become an indispensable part of dimming lighting system. Not only does it allow users to control the brightness level around the house, but it can also do a good job in helping reduce electricity bills at the end of the month. The triac dimmer, also called phase-cut dimmers are one of the most usual types of dimming control system use in most applications. The triac dimming system c...
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  • What are the benefits of triac dimming in application life?

    What are the benefits of triac dimming in application life?

    When the lamp needs to be triac dimmed by the thyristor signal, the input voltage waveform in the circuit deviates from the sine wave due to the change of the thyristor conduction angle, which also changes the effective value of the input voltage, and realizes triac dimming led driver by changing the voltage. However, what matters here is that during the thyristor conduction process, a switch in t...
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