• Q1: About Class P

  • A:

    I just spoke with our UL engineer. If your drivers are on the UL Class P program we can use them without testing if they are comparable in specs to what we are using now.

    If they are not on the UL Class P program but are UL Recognized, then we have to have them tested in our fixture.

    If they are not UL Recognized then we have to have the driver tested and certified and then also the fixture with them in it.

    Otherwise we cannot mark our fixtures as UL Compliant if they include the drivers. There is a small residential-based retail market where it is less critical to have UL certification to our fixtures but it is not the greater share of the marketplace (for us).

  • Q2: Why does the 200W-PWM driver (SMT-012-200VT) have 2 x output cables ? I need a driver with a single 200W output. Can I draw the entire 200W from one cable ? Internally is it a single output ?  just 2

  • A:

    Yes, the internally dimmable led driver for SMT-012-200VT is single output type and just 2 wires.

  • Q3: For the DALI, can you recommend a master controller to use with your Drivers ?

  • A:

    Yes, we can suggest brand Lutron and Tridonic, they will perform well with our LED DALI dimmable led drivers. As usual, Lutron is more popular with North-Amerrcan market. 

  • Q4: We would like to resell DALI controller. Also if there is a PC based controller with windows software ?

  • A:

    You are supposed to buy DALI dimmable systerms and It has software you can setup in your PC. So that you can control the DALI diimmable project in your PC directly.

  • Q5: The metal junction box, are these a separate ETL listing ?

  • A:

    The metal junction box doesn't have a seprating ETL listing. So it's unnesessary for you do a separating ETL listing for those dimmnable led drivers.

  • Q6: What have you tested for compliance for the bus power ?

  • A:

    Our DALI dimmable led driver conform to DALI protocol IEC62386.

    We have made our DALI dimmable led drivers to be test with the LUTRON DALI system, which is no need DALI bus power. Hence, we didn't buy the DALI bus power before.

    So, we're sorry, we didn't have a list for those DALI bus power.

  • Q7: Is this a magnetic iron core driver or electronic driver?

  • A:

    The working mode of our dimmable led driver is electronic driver, which is different from the brands "Magnetitude" in North American market. 

  • Q8: I have a few questions, i tested the magnitude magnetic driver and it runs the LEDs to hot. Does the one you offer run the LEDs like a switching power source and is dimable with a triac dimmer?

  • A:

    Yes, all our led drivers run the leds like switching power source and this led driver you've mentioned is triac dimmable type, it should be dimmable with a triac dimmer.

  • Q9: I will be knocking out 1/2" (12mm) hole in the back on each side toward the front of the box, I will be mounting this flush on a wall. Is there enough room for a 12mm hole?

  • A: Actually, there are three  holes for connecting on each side of  the 200w led driver.  It's available when you dig out it. 
    And the diameter of the hole is 22mm.  Also, from the pictures you can see, the led driver can be mounting on the wall directly.
  • Q10: What is UL annual fees?

  • A:

    UL annual fees will be charged by UL for once time each year. Its funtion is maintaining cost for the online UL file.

    Actually, it's necessary for you to pay UL multiple listee cost and UL annual fees to UL if you would like to do UL multiple listing. And all the cost would be charged by UL directly.

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