European standard 0-10v led controller dimmer touch panel led light dimmer

led dimmer eu are input voltage 100-265vAC,0-10v dimmer for led light are CE ROHS approval .Passed high,low temperature and waterproof testing

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    constant current
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    0-10V analog signal
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Products description

European standard 0-10v led controller dimmer touch panel led light dimmer


touch panel led light dimmer
Smarts Electronics provide wall dimmer switch for Single Color LED Strip, which is easy Installation. Without extra wiring as traditional switch.  We give 3 years warranty
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Model SMT50-D2
Input Voltage AC100-265V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Working temp. -20-50℃
Output Voltage 0-10VDC
Product dimension L86*W86*H38mm
Output current
Static power
Weight 170g/NW; 228g/GW
Packing size

 Product Size 
switch dimmer
 Funtion Description 
0-10v dimmer
 Typical Application:
0-10v dimmer
 Interface Introduction 
0-10v dimmer
 Installation Instruction:
0-10v dimmer
 Problem analysis:

1) why is the Output current of 0-10v dimmer is 50mA, How to calculate the dimming output current loss of the power supply?

Each manufacturer do dimmer output current is different, 50 mA is our own design, without any reference guide, mainly aimed at the dimmable led power supply absorption of light to calculate,If the power source needs to absorb 0.5mA, then the dimmable led power supply can control 100pcs of power supply at the same time. Only in theory, no one actually use it, because the output DC voltage of the dimmer is 10V, the signal line length causes the voltage drop, and the synchronization difference is also very big


2)The Static power of 0-10v dimmer is < 1.2w, while the Static power of the knob is < 0.5w.why is it set like this?What kind of relationship between How does the amount of power relate to how many power sources it can control?

Static power consumption refers to the power consumption of the dimmer when it works alone. Because the circuit structure of the knob is different, the scheme used is different, so its static power consumption will be lower, and because the touch dimmer needs more chips. Realize its function, so its power consumption is large. The amount of power consumption does not matter how many power supplies it can control.

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