12v 200w 0-10v dimmable led driver with 5 years warranty

led power supply 200w;0-10v dimmable led driver;street light power supply
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    constant voltage
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    0-10v dimming
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Products description

12v 200w 0-10v dimmable led driver with 5 years warranty

SMT-012-200VD is 0-10v Dimmable 200w led power supply, with ETL/CE/ROHS/FCC listed, we can provide you 5 years warranty.


Model  SMT-012-200VD SMT-024-200VD
Single Output features Constant voltage 12vDC   24vDC 
output current 16.67Amp 8.3Amp 
output power 200watt 200watt
Ripple & Noise 250mV
Current Regulation ±3%
Starting time 1000mS/230Vac, 3000mS/110Vac
Input Voltage range 100Vac-265Vac
Frequency range 47Hz-63Hz
Power factor PF>0.93/230Vac,PF>0.92/110Vac
Efficiency 87%/110Vac , 86%/230Vac
Inrush Current 20A/110Vac, 40A/230Vac
Leakage Current <1mA/120Vac,240Vac
Protection short circuit
Single Protection,Hiccup ,recovery after the fault removed.
Over voltage Protection mode:Limit highest voltage, recovery after the fault removed.
Over temperature 105oC±5 oC ( Internal radiator's temperature)
over load Protection mode:Closed Output voltage,recovery after temperature automatic recovery.

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Packaging & Shipping
0-10v dimmable LED downlight driver 12v 200w waterproof power supply
 Net weight (g) Gross Weight/ctn  Qty/ctn  Carton size(mm)
1800    g 15 kg 10 pcs 414*308*174mm


In the diagram spec sheet it show the dimmer on the N (neutral)? Normally Triac the dimmer is on the L Line?


Dimmer can be connected on the N (neutral) or on the L (Line). Depending on you.

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