Why does a LED light flicker?
In its simplest definition, flicker is the constant fluctuation of light output from on to off. Because electricity is delivered through alternating current (AC) at a power line frequency of 60 hertz in the U.S., the voltage delivered to a source bounces between on and off as it rides the sine wave between the positive and negative poles. As a result, the potential flicker frequency is twice the power line frequency, or 120 hertz. Without the proper electronic circuitry—such as a ballast, switching power supply, or capacitor—a source will flicker.
60W led driver constant voltage triac
The most common reason why LED lamp will flicker, especially if it is only an occasional problem, is because there are voltage changes happening within the wiring of the home. This is because there is a current flow in the wiring and the resistance of each wire uses some of the voltage.

Some existing and even new dimmer switches may not be compatible with LED lighting or you may have a non-dimmable light in a dimmable fixture. Carefully reading the labeling on your bulbs and fixtures and making sure you have the right bulb for the job can fix this. Dimmers also have wattage ratings which differ depending on the type of light source whether it is LED, incandescent, etc. This affects the number of light fixtures on a dimmer depending on the individual wattages of each. The practise of ganging dimmers or switches within the same back box will also further de-rate the wattage the dimmer can safely handle. A certified electrician will determine by referring to the Canadian Electrical Code the correct load permitted.

Be sure to buy high quality with recognized certification (CSA, ULc etc.), ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs or high quality led driver when upgrading your lighting in your home.


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