The Problems of Designing LED Driver
The quality of the led driver power directly affects the life of the LED. Therefore, a good led driver must be selected.

Firstly, the price of driver

Some manufacturers often buy some bad led power supply because of price reasons, so the drive circuit often fails.

Second, heat dissipation

The LED is a cold lights and the operating temperature cannot exceed the limit. We should  design the entire lamp to look beautiful and easy to install and radiating quickly.
In order to find a balance between many factors, the entire light will be fine. The time to develop LED lights is very short, and the designer's experience is not rich. This has caused some manufacturers to frequently purchase power from other companies.
Light designers have very little knowledge of power supplies. They usually provide a lot of space for the LEDs to dissipate heat, resulting in a small cooling space for the power supply.

Third, the design problem of the led driver power supply

After completing the LED design, it is difficult for designers to find the right power source.
Therefore, we should consider LED cooling, power cooling, high temperature control and other issues to design better LEDs.

Power design

Although the LED lighting effect is so high, there is 80~85% thermal energy loss, which causes the internal lighting temperature to rise by 20~30°C. If the room temperature is 26 ° C, the internal lighting temperature is about 46 ~ 56 ° C. The power supply operates at high temperatures for a long time. In order to ensure the service life, we should increase the power.


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