What is the function for led power supplies?

All kinds of LED lights need a device in order to operate, we call called it as led power supplies. Their function are similar to what a integral ballast does for fluorescent light bulbs. Processing main line voltage into wattage that suitable for the operation of a LED lights. What’s more, with temperature fluctuations, LED electrical properties will change, the LED switching power supply regulates and maintains a constant amount for current.

Most households use 100-240V civil voltage, but LEDs operate on low voltage 12v and 24v. Therefore, the ac to dc drivers change the higher voltage into the lower voltage to match with the working voltage what the LED lights needed. The input voltage to led strip light drivers must be as same as the voltage required by itself. If not, the different voltage can make light flicker or even flashing. There is a common way to control the light output of LEDs is by PWM (pulse-width modulation). When LED bulbs are dimmed, especially at the low end of light output, flicker issue may happen.
 LED strips also require a led power supply, you can buy strip lights and strip lighting power supplies by separately, one led 24v power supply can provide with electricity to dual or more LED strips.
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