0-10v dimming show- the connection mode of 0-10v 24v 60w led driver

The 24v 60w intertek led lighting strip power supply performs well in a wide range of lighting applications. This led driver is suitable for dimming 24V LED Flexible Strip.Compatible with 24v LED cabinet light, module light or many other 24v LED lights. After Connected with the Smarts 0-10v dimmer, it achieves a smooth dimming effect and free of flicker.

This type models is available in 12v and 24v, and a range from 30w to 200w, which offers you more control and option. 12v 5a led power supply is provided also. The input voltage is designed for various regions from 100vac to 265vac. Built-in PFC function and with high power factor, this driver is worth a look.


So how to connect led strip lights to power supply? The video shares the details when you making connections with the drivers. One important thing is that:  If the positive and negative poles are connected backwards, the light won’t come on. And if the input and output terminals are connected inversely, the power supply will burn directly. 



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