What are the LED power supply requirements for IP68?
So far, all of our Smarts brands current led power supplies can't do IP68 rating. 
Actually, IP68 has strict waterproof requirements for the wiring ports at both ends. IP68 is one of the most advanced dustproof and waterproof specifications. IP68 rated equipment can completely prevent dust from entering, and can be immersed in water for a long time under certain pressure without damaging the equipment.

Ours is IP67 waterproof LED driver, IP67 is immersed in water for a short period of time, while IP68 level can withstand long-term water inflow, this is the difference. It cannot be as simple as our current outlet, so that the water will enter the circuit board along the line, and eventually the circuit board inside the 12V 24V power supply will be short-circuited and the power supply will be burned.

IP67 waterproof LED driver
From those above mentioned, you should take care what you using, IP67 or IP68. If your project need high requirement for the IP68 type project, you are supposed to take more consideration for our IP67 waterproof led driver for your led lighting. Our UL listed led driver for damp, wet and dry location would be help you when possible.


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