What is the difference between Magnetic dimmable transformer and Smarts’s dimmable power supply?

Magnetic dimmable transformer and Smarts’s dimmable power supply are very common to see in the market, however do you know their difference? Let us together to make a comparison betwen both of them.

dimmable power supply

1.circuit structure & operating principle
Magnetic dimmable transformer: cicuit solution designing is simply, lack of output control & feedback circuit,and no ripple circuit which makes the output ripple very high.
Smarts’s dimmable LED power supply has the completed circuit designing solution which combile the EMI circuit, output voltage & current controlling circuit ,output feedback circuit and fixed ripple circuit together, which makes the ripple very small. 
2.output voltage wave shape
Magnetic dimmable transformer work with AC output, peak value =33.6V. When load it with 24V LED tape light, Peak voltage value will passover the LED rated voltage, which will shorten LED's life-span.
Smarts’s dimmable LED driver with DC output, their peak voltage values are 1.6V & 0.8V, it will no affect the LED's life- span.

3.Stability of output voltage
If the LED working voltage is 24V and the transformer is 100% loaded, the output voltage is only 22V exactly, the LED light is no brightness enough. When loading less than 20%, LED light become very brightness.When the transformer output voltage higher than 25.2V, it will burn down the LED.
When load Smarts’s led power supply from 0 to 100%, output voltage changing rate lower than 0.1%, the LED light 
working stablely in their working voltage range.
4.The influence of input voltage to LED lights
When the input voltage of Magnetic transformer changing in 110-130V, the output voltage will be changed relatedly.
when the input voltage are changed in the rated 110~130VAC, the output voltage of Smarts’s drivers vary very small (lower than 0.1%), the LED brightness will almost no be changed.
5.Overload protection
Magnetic dimmable transformer without overload protection
Overload protection when Smarts’s led power supply load<120%.

From what has been discussed above, Smarts’s electronics dimmable LED driver is the best choice for LED lights.


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