Basic knowledge of LED lights
LED lights under the control of dali dimmable led driver are called semiconductor light-emitting diodes, which are made of semiconductor materials. Semiconductors can be divided into P-type semiconductors and N-type semiconductors. N-type semiconductor with extra electrons, P-type half
The conductor has additional "holes", electrons can move between the holes, and the flow of electrons will generate current. When there is a forward current passing through, the electrons will combine with the holes in the P area.
Release energy, this energy exists in the form of photons, which is the principle of semiconductor light-emitting diodes

12 volt power supply

Advantages: LED lamps are small in size, have many color changes, easy to control, fast response, low failure, and environmentally friendly.
Disadvantages: heat dissipation problems, part of the energy becomes heat loss, which accelerates the aging of chips and packages. Color rendering is not easy to increase

SMARTS's dali series led driver can be very compatible with led lights, can be 0-100% smooth dimming, with load function, 12 volt power supply with flexible input voltage (100-265VAC) can effectively protect the life of led lamps


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